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In the past few decades, evolving businesses have poured in heavy investements in software solutions in the form of a large number of loosely coupled small applications at their various locations. There is hardly an easy way to answer enterprise-wide questions. In the absence of such transparent mechanism, it is almost impossible to prepare for risks.

Many new businesses are evolving and becoming bigger and bigger in size without much attention to the fact that a number of systems are fast depreciating in value or going to be redundant at some point of time in a very near future for a number of reasons, such as wide technical gap with other systems which means high cost of integration or the systems do not communicate well with one another or a wider acceptance of a different breed of technology.

What We Do

We help businesses shape up by being on track for the future effectively and keep the risks minimal by creating vertical transparency. Today, the teams are not co-located yet belonging to the same organization and inheriting the same organizational ethos and values.

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Our Process

Our quality processes can significantly lower the operating costs of existing software and services . The lowered cost in the long run accommodate the cost of deploying quality processes itself. Therefore we believe that cost of quality is zero.

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Engagement Models

Smart sourcing strategy not only lowers costs but also enhances organizational capabilities, competitiveness and evolves a change. Optimizing IT costs can significantly contribute wards a required Change. Our key processes are better equipped to make that difference for you.

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We employ talented and passionate programmers who are dedicated to write creative and engaging applications and titles and to write optimal, efficient and targeted code for low memory footprint devices. We have specialized in Agile Development Methodology.

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