Cadent Engagement Modelss

Cadent offers multiple engagement and delivery models to meet varied needs of its clients across the globe which ensures their competitive advantages in a changing market place. Clients can choose from the models offered based on the size, complexity and delivery requirements of the project. We can also present you customized models based on your requirements.

Cadent follows a Fixed Price Model for the projects that are specifically defined in terms of their requirements, schedules, and project path. This model is preferred by the clients who have a clear project scope available with them at the onset of the project, along with the detailed Software Requirements Specifications (SRS). This model is suitable for small or mid size projects. Under this model, we work with our client to define the required output at mutually agreed fixed price based on efforts involved. The procedure and cost of Fixed Price Model are specified below:


On receiving SRS from the client, Cadent solutions provide an estimate on the time and cost of the project to the client. Once both parties are convinced about the association, we can start off immediately.


The cost or payment depends on the project size. Some payment is made in advance, some at the delivery of the project, and remaining after user level testing and acceptance. For big projects, the tasks specified in SRS are divided into modules known as milestones. The payment is made as per milestone and the time required to complete each milestone.

Sub-Model: Milestone-based Billing

This option works best with the clients who are concerned about movement in offshore projects and especially for those who are outsourcing for first time. Milestones-based payment schedules reinforce progress monitoring. It helps justify payment based on achievable milestone and visible progress.